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As a professional dating coach I speak to a lot of women who ask me why their mate is not sexing them like in the beginning of their relationship? So I created a list of why men may not be saddling up to make sweet love to you!

1. He is bored of you. Every relationship starts as either a “Super High” with lots of random, passionate and crazy sex or some relationships build up to the crazy sex. Either way typically depending on your relationship you may reach a plateau of less or expected typical boring sex. When you get to this point it is vital you switch things up in the bedroom.

2. He may be cheating. Usually if a man is turning your sex down he may be getting it elsewhere for various reasons. As a professional dating coach I typically tell my clients to communicate their issues with him cheating and if things don’t change just break up with him at that point.

3. He may have a medical condition such as Erectile Dysfunction or Low Testosterone. If your partner seems to always have trouble sexually or he does not have the drive to have sex he may want to seek a doctors help. Be very careful when explaining and suggesting this to him because this is a very sensitive issue with Men in general.

4. He masturbates too much. Men who constantly masturbate uses up all the energy it takes to make it happen in the bedroom. Either he loves the Porn or he wants to live out his fantasies. So… if you want to spice things up ask him how you can help make his dreams come true. You might be surprise how he turns your sex life upside down.

These are just a few signs of why he may not be sexing you. But as I always stress please communicate with your partner no matter what you’re experiencing in your relationship.

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  1. mary
    May 25, 2014

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    My boyfriend of 5 years ai’nt sexed me in 3 months & he hangs with guys who trick & hes secretive with his phone &distant,cold & argumentive towards me what do i do?

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