Top 20 questions asked to a date coach…

1. What is a dating coach?

2. How much do you charge for your services?

Click here for Mr. Date Coach’s basic pricing options. Mr.Date Coach also offers special rates and packages depending on your needs.

3. Does your date coaching service work?

YES! My dating coaching services work great when the client follows my advice and takes a serious interest in becoming a better person and dater.

4. Are you a scam?

NO! As always and with any business you should do your research and find the best fit for your specific needs.

5. Are you a Pick Up Artist?

That answer depends. I teach clients how to become more confident, techniques to better communicate with a potential mate and ways to attract a potential mate. I teach creative ways to engage potential partners. If you decide to use what I teach you to become pick up artist, well no one tells you what to do with a new car.

6. What is your dating and relationship life like?

I currently date so I love to answer this question because I am single by choice. I have had great relationships in my past, so when I am ready to settle down I am very confident I will find what I am looking for! I am Mr. Date Coach!

7.  Should I sit around and wait for the love of my life to find me or should I seek out a mate?

Some people can wait around and men or women will line up ready to fall in love! And even those same people experience what people do when they sit, wait and nothing comes. You can not wait for love and greatness to knock on your door and sweep you off of your couch. So I have to ask has it happen yet?

8. Are you a match maker?

Yes, match making is a new service we are now offering to help our clients.

9. Have you ever dated a client?

NO, I keep a professional relationship with each one of my clients!

10. What qualifies you to be a dating coach?

I have taken many hours of behavioral courses and became a certified behavior assistant in the state of Florida in 2010. My main date coaching program was written with the assistants of a broad certified behavioral analyst. Also with my proven results, my past clients would say I am very qualified to help others change their dating and relationship life. Lastly I have experience as a youth counselor, college admissions adviser,  and a motivational speaker for over 5 years.

11. Are you willing to coach anyone with their dating and relationship life?


12. What are your options or medias to provide date coaching services?

You can receive Mr. Date Coach services via the telephone, SKYPE and face to face consultations.

13. Do you help clients with disabilities?


14. Have you ever had a client you could not help?

NO, because there is an application and evaluation process that must be completed before a client is able to sign up for a Mr. Date Coach session. I do this because some potential clients have unrealistic expectations and some clients are completely happy not finding there one true love.  I do not want to waste their time or mine.

15. How long does it take to change a persons dating situation?

That depends on how motivated the client is. Most of my clients can achieve success very quickly and some need time in order to execute a Mr. Date Coach plan.

16. What is the typical age of a client?

My clients vary greatly in age. I have consulted clients that were between 19 to 52 years of age.

17. Have you ever had an issues in your dating and relationship life?

OF COURSE!!! Who has not? Some of my past experiences have shaped my dating and relationship life. Actually after a very toxic relationship I started date coaching to help others who wanted to walk away from the drama and engage in a positive dating life.

18. Where are the best places to meet men and women to date?


19. What is a major component of your date coaching that is based on your consultations?

Confidence building.

20. How do I become a dating coach?

Mr. Date Coach LLC is in the process of creating some great programs for highly motivated people who are interested in becoming a dating coach. Also Mr. Date Coach LLC is creating a sales and affiliate marketing program. Please come back soon to see how you may be able to take advantage of these programs!