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Why do women blame men for their relationship issues? Why do women blame men for their relationship issues? Mr. Date Coach explains.Okay ladies…Back to Reality! Stop blaming “MEN” for your own unhappiness! If you continuously attract the same type of men, take a minute and ask yourself, “Self, why do I keep attracting the same type of guy?” Once you realize the key to that is “Why do I…” you are on your way to getting the right man already!

We, as humans, tend to rationalize nearly everything we do, finding ways to blame others for our own short comings. For example, people who are unsuccessful tend to blame anyone and everyone for their own failures. On the other hand, people who have proven to be successful time and time again, take personal responsibility for both their successes and failures, while continuously moving forward! These types of people believe in themselves to the point that nothing can stop them! Now ask yourself, “Can I be stopped at finding love?” And lastly, ask yourself, “Why do I blame men because ‘I’ can’t find the perfect man?”

Now that you’ve asked yourself some home hitting questions, are you ready to change your mind set about why you do not have the love life you deserve? It all starts with YOU!

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