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How to create a pickup line the easy wayApproach anxiety kicks in, your mouths gets dry and then you have no idea what to say to a women you want to approach and talk to. So you resort to the lame and trusty lines; do you say these?

  • “Hello I am (Name). How are you?”
  • “You’re super sexy, pretty or hot… I am (Name)”
  • “Can I have your phone number?”
  • “Hey girl!”

How to create pickup lines

As you cycle through things to say time is ticking away and the girl usually gets up to leave and walks out of your little life forever. Approach anxiety combined with the lack of something to say to get her attention is the greatest game killer, but you know this! So let’s get to business and solve how to create pickup lines the easy way that works!.

There are millions of canned and lame pickup lines. This article will NOT give you canned material. Life and conversations are very dynamic and blossoms at every word. So using canned material can cause you to put yourself in a corner and at a loss for words after the can is juiced!

Creating a dynamic conversation is like overcoming approach anxiety ,solving a complex math problem and then using the appropriate formulas to solve it. You start with understanding the problem and its components.

  1. Where is the girl? (The environment)
  2. What is she doing?
  3. Who is she with? (Assumptions are okay)
  4. What is she wearing?

Once you answer these questions, now you have the basis to create the pickup line. Creating a pick up line should be aimed around the related scenario. This allows you to keep the conversation going and not stalling out of the canned material.

Now that you have some answers to these really important questions let’s start with the question I ask first. What is the environment?

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Where is she at?

The environmental cues on a set give an almost endless amount of things to say and talk about. Now, when you create an environmental cue pickup line think about how can you make it relate to why you are approaching her.

Where is she at?- Example Number 1
How to create a pickup line with a girls surrounding.

Environment “Starbucks” (Ignore the ear buds for this example):

Creative Pickup Lines:

1. Okay so you are special… Who brings their glass from the house to enjoy a cup of Joe? (Something a little clever and witty)

2. I had no idea they sold chocolate milk in Starbucks… Crazy.

Why are those great pickup lines?

These questions require more than a one word response. (Such as a yes or no) It actually forces her to create a thoughtful response since they do not sell coffee/ milk in glasses at Starbucks. You are then able to get the much-needed paradigm shift needed to get her to pay attention to you. And for my new guys to the game, a paradigm shift is a slight momentum change in direction. Most people are focused on what they are doing; in this example she is watching something on her computer then when you ask a question or provoking statement it makes her think about nothing but what you just said; a shift has occurred if only for that moment for you to create interest.

Environmental Cue Pickup Example Number 2

Creative Pickup Lines

  1. I have to see which salad dressing you pick… I had no idea it was so many options… (Jokingly)
  2. Green dress, salad dressing- makes sense… I am guessing you like salads.

Why are those pickup lines great?

Again the statements said would make most people think and cause a paradigm shift as soon as you said it. In example number one she looks happy but with so many options, I am sure is confused on which one to pick. So I am thinking about her possible thoughts in this environment. “She is like Damn, he is right! Which salad dressing am I going to pick because I never really paid attention on how many options there were!” In example number two it is obvious to be a bit corny but it lets her notice you were paying attention and then she will quickly make a connection that she looks like a leaf of the salad. Crazy I know, but you are looking to throw her off the line of shopping and pay attention to you. Plus you can then make a suggestion after she says “You’re funny”!

Now that we have an understanding of the environmental cues let’s understand how to make a pickup line based on what she is doing.

What Is She Doing?

What Is She Doing- Pickup Example Number 1

Learn how to talk to girls at the parkCreative Pickup Lines

  1. You must be reading the part of the book where she wants him to walk over and say hi, I could not put it down on that part either!
  2. She dies in the end… Sorry… Oh wait what book are you reading?

Why are those pickup lines great?

Classic! I have to use those! But damn it is canned… Okay I am cool with those canned lines. Focus Sam Lee! So now that we see her reading, let’s focus on what she could be reading in the book. The first pickup line is very direct and you have mad game because she knows what you are doing there and you are flirting ASAP! It still provides a shift because she has to question if that is even possible to happen in the book or she wonders if you really read it. She focuses on those thoughts as you wait for a response to carry on a follow up statement.

What Is She Doing- Pickup Example Number 2

Creating Pickup lines the easy way!Creative pickup lines:

  1. I thought you were only supposed to do that while driving…
  2. I have to ask… Why when woman put on mascara, they keep their mouth open like that?

Why are those pickup lines great?

Okay… So this approach has happen before to me! A super-hot chick was putting on mascara and I said example number one. She laughed her ass off! We both did because you see this all the time while driving. You know your mom did this activity while running late to work! But it was an instant success because I was able to connect what she was doing to an act everyone can connect a feeling to or has seen in the past. The second example is a question I really want to ask a young lady. (Pause; I just asked Lysa, my homie! “She laughed and said it is to stretch her eyelids… “ What…!?!? Maybe I will write a blog about my thoughts on that later!) But again most women can relate to this and it makes them think… Why is my mouth open to do something that focuses on my eyes? “This guy is a savant” she will say!

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Who Is She With?

Approaching a woman with someone else can be quite an experience. Not to mention if they are the ladies in this example. When you talk to a group of people or even two women you have to include both of them in the pickup line!

Who is she with- Pickup Example Number 1

Creating pickup lines with a girl in the groupCreative pickup lines:

  1. That looks like one hell of a secret…
  2. You are a bad secret teller! And you are a bad secret listener… Why are you two so far away? (Laughing)

Why are those pickup lines great?

Now you have to be quite clever when you see a woman with a friend. Your opening pickup line has to be heard by both and it must relate to what is going on at that moment! If not you will have one girl go… “Huh” and the other girl quickly hear her friends go huh and then no shift! Both will be like ”he is lame”! Then you find yourself explaining what you said. The joke is typically dead at that point and you are fighting your way back to being the confident cool guy you are!

Who is she with- Pickup Example Number 2

How to talk to a girl with her momCreative Pickup lines:

  1. Sister’s day out… How are you young ladies doing?
  2. I wanted to come say hello to you young ladies…

Why are those pickup lines great?

Okay, now you have to understand these pickup lines are not making super huge impacts because you are involving a mom. Not saying you can’t be witty or clever. You have to be aware of who she may be with; you also don’t want to come off like an ass clown to mom. Either one of those two pickup lines will work. Those lines are charming and they also allow mom and daughter to explain their actual relationship. Now fellas, you can approach a mom and a daughter! It may seem awkward but her mom knows about the birds and the bees. Someone used a pickup line on her. Just tread softly and be confident and you will not only win mom, but also make the daughter think you are the man! (It worked for me, and she was hot- so was the mom!)

What is she wearing?

Women wear clothing and accessories that makes them unique every moment they walk out the door, whether they are in sweats, rocking a scarf or going shopping at Wal-Mart. This item may be perfume, make up, hair style, a ring, earrings, the way she wears her shirt or even the way her bracelets make noise. This is her “IT” factor! It is what makes her feel special that day. You have to be able to find what her IT is and make a statement about it.

What is she wearing- Pickup Example Number 1

Learn how to talk to a girlCreative Pickup lines

  1. You definitely have more swag than me! And F-Bomb is my favorite word…  We should talk.
  2. I thought I had perfect eyebrows…
  3. You are wearing that caution yellow shirt… So I am going to tread softly with this.
  4. Those highlights… EPIC.

Why are those pickup lines great?

I know what you are thinking… Sam Lee. You just said all statements. I did. When you create a pick up line for what a woman is wearing you have to be very direct and compliment in a very subtle way. But in a way that forces her to think about what article of clothing you are referring to. The girl in the picture has a few things going on.

She is obviously super-hot! So never say that! NEVER TELL HER HOW HOT SHE IS DURING THIS TYPE OF APPROACH. She knows that and has been told that all her life. So you will be making a statement that really does not move her. No mind shift! It is business as usual for her, another guy focusing on how pretty she is.

Breaking her down:

  • The hat is a dead giveaway most guys will directly make a statement about it. But it is too obvious to directly talk about the hat. Every guy will say something about the hat. Sort of like me. But I made a statement she had to think about for even just a sec. Like oh, he is referring to my hat. At that point I am jumping into building interest!
  • She has some great looking eyebrows. This may not seem like such a big deal. But women love to make sure their eyebrows are on point! Most guys would totally miss this opportunity to compliment them.
  • She has swag. Rocking a yellow t-shirt makes her the type of girl who loves and craves attention. So I let her know what rocking that color shirt actually says to people who pay attention.
  • I am not a stylist and some women may say I am crazy but her hair is perfect with highlights! If you did not know women love having their hair done… Well you should contact me right now! I will help you for free!
What is she wearing- Pickup Example Number 2

Pickup lines for black girlsCreative Pickup Lines

  1. I can see your pockets… Kooool (Seth Rogan Voice)
  2. I love a girl with big A$$ hoop earing’s… Bringing the 80s back, turn up.
  3. I like girls who get fresh to just go to Wal-Mart (It we were in Wal-Mart)

Why are those pickup lines great?

Again, statements like this will invoke a response from anyone. You can even pause to let the shift happen, and then give her a moment to respond as she thinks… This dude is crazy (In a great way!)

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My Final Thoughts

Remember guys this is a guide to creating an easier way to create pickup lines. You can literally say almost any anything as it relates to the woman’s environment, what she is doing, who she is with and what she is wearing. Focus on things most people will over look, compliment or joke on when possible! And anything that comes out of your mouth needs to be said with confidence and like you have King Kong’s you know what’s! She has to hear you for it to be an affective pickup line!

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    This is a good, straightforward guide. I like the canned pick up lines because they’re funny but those things don’t work.

    This is the way to go – read the situation and move from there.

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