What is an objection in the approach or during the initial dating process? (Typically objections are met when you first meet someone.)

“I have a boyfriend”
“I am not looking to date anyone right now”
“You are not really my type”
“It’s complicated…”
“What makes you so much different then the other a$$holes I date?”
“Don’t you have a girlfriend?”
“You are must do this and say this to every girl you meet….” (Your game is Wack!!!)

For guys most objections are met when they are on an approach/ “set” and she is not very interested in you for what ever reason or she tries to put you in the friend zone ASAP. Objections can come in all types of shapes and forms. It can be subtle like a small body movement shift or it is often displayed in a overt verbal cues.

How do I help you overcome a women’s objections on a set or in the initial stages of the dating relationship!? We PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND  PRACTICE some more. We will laser focus and target typical and non-typical set objections and how to handle them. Plus I will teach you the formula to recognize a real objection and how to handle it.

After approaching thousands of girls I have learned women will say almost anything even if they REALLY want to talk to you. The goal is to in a non-forceful or aggressive way counter their objection and flee with your goal!


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