Your style, the way you dress and the way you smell may have a dramatic impact on who you are and who you want to become. Also, the way you dress really defines who you are before you ever have to say a word or take any type of action. But the way you look can also be the reason you get shot down before you ever get started. Many self-confidence studies say and I am sure you have heard this before… “Dress for success”! Dressing for success is not just for job interviews or working in corporate America.

Learning how to improve your style and the way you dress is a tough task with so many popular styles that you find either super weird, too crazy or very extreme. Most people think you have to have a particular style to be “IN”. But as a professional dating coach I totally disagree with the stereotypes that you have to be “IN” to be a successful dater.

I am not a stylist nor do I consider myself the most fashionable guy. But I dress for success to obtain my dating goals! That’s the big difference between guys who never get positive attention from women.

I will help you find a style that fits you, makes you feel more confident and that is geared towards you getting the type of attention that closes the deal.

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