Approaching women can be very challenging when you think of where you actually see people you are attracted to. Most people may think… It does not matter how you meet a person, you see them- you walk up to them and start talking. Well if you suffer with approach anxiety, you do not pick up on social cues very well or you have no idea what to say to a woman this can be a difficult task!

Approaching a woman across a crowed room, in a bar or in a restaurant with no plan to get to her without causing a scene or making her feel uncomfortable before you every open your mouth is a tough up hill climb. Although this my be a tough task to take on alone this is a skill we will work together on to perfect so you can approach any woman!

With my Direct & Indirect approach training we review, practice and go over many types of approaching environments that you personally encounter when you see a woman you want to talk to.

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