So now you have her phone number or KIK user name… What do you do now…? During this time you have the best opportunity to fumble and not close the deal!

Fumbling the ball is so easy… Most guys always make the mistake of calling/ texting ASAP after they get the number! Or if you are able to contain the raw excitement of getting the number and texting/ calling her at the appropriate time most men fumble in what they say to her.

These are some examples of a bad opening text messages:


“This is ______ (Your name), we met last night a Joe’s PUB. You were super hot! I can’t wait to see you again”

[email protected] SHOT (Image)”

“Multiple [email protected] SHOTS (Images) in a row”

I have created a texting/ calling plan that works! It works because my plan is based off of the same communication strategies used when talking face to face. Now of course there are social norms, social cues and texting do’s and dont’s!!! (I.E. Men should never use “K”, “LOL” or Smiley Faces 🙂 in a text message) So we will only focus on making every text or phone call count until we close the deal!

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