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Do you ever wonder why you are alone, single and have tons of dating problems? Do you really ever focus on why men are just not that into you? I am very big fan on self-realization and helping yourself first.  If you find yourself single and most of the men around you just want to have sex or be friends then you have huge dating problems! The dating problems that you are facing really depends on whether you see yourself having the much debated daddy issues, the common low self esteem scenario or the “all men are dawgs” mentality. These are the common dating problems you create when it comes to why you will ultimately remain single or have random subpar sexual partners from men you meet on free dating sites. For clarification all of these issues reside around being too proud to grow up point blank! Let’s explore this issue of dating problems further shall we!


Now how much sense does this scenario make? You act as if you are Miss Perfect, FL and your sh!t does not stink so you continuously shoot down quality and potential men because he is an inch too short, he’s not Italian with a Fresh Blow-out, or he lacks the funds to get the S-Class so he drives the E!? Really? You’re single and not willing to compromise? What if… Well this statement I am about to say is very close to reality as I can get so prepare your ears ladies… What if he dismisses you based on your ugly attitude towards every man that cross’s your path, your unrealistic core values your other single friends push on you, your corrupted morals or those dreaded 10 pounds you can’t seem to drop although you have been “Working out for 3 years”.


Are you the woman I am describing? Do you suffer with these common dating problems? Does your Mr. Right really need to drive a $100,000 Mercedes in order to get your attention? Well if you think he does, you better drive one too ladies! That’s what most men of today are thinking. Forward thinking men want forward thinking women! Not women who will be orange in ten years due to tanning beds or women who have unrealistic views on why taking vodka shots at their local watering hole until they black out is appropriate.


Most women will never get the chance to marry the ball player, wealthy business man, or Mr. Date Coach. (Shameless plug) With all of this said I am not saying settle for less ladies. Have your list of what you want from men but understand that “list” could be your down fall and have you alone or settling at age 46 for a 23 year college hunk looking for a MILF after a few smooth shots of Wild Turkey! But understand you are perfect to your parents but not to the rest of the world, sorry. Open your eyes and willingness to compromise and stop creating your own dating problems.

Let’s just get real Ladies!

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