10 signs of a cheating boyfriend

10 signs of a cheating boyfriend

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Hell10 signs of a cheating boyfriendo world, I am your Mr. Date Coach. As a professional dating coach and matchmaker I have consulted with many clients that have been in “cheating” relationships for years. Most women have a hard time recognizing signs of a cheating companion. So with my professional experiences as well as being an ex “playa” myself, I have compiled a list of the 10 signs of a cheating boyfriend. Please read carefully because you may recognize a few things your man does on regular bases. As a side note, it is important that both you and your boyfriend are on the same page about being in a committed, monogamous relationship. Don’t stress the booty call, please! Wrong blog!

1. If you are reading this list of a cheating boyfriend he might be cheating. God has given most of us common sense and has blessed women with a “woman’s intuition”. If your man is showing any signs noted below your boyfriend may be cheating.

2. If random women are constantly telling you that he is having sex with them, it is a  good indication he is cheating on you. Most men will tell you that she is lying and just hates what you two have. “Classic!”

3. If you are not able to come over to his house whenever you desire, he might be cheating on you. This is a very sensitive issue because again, there needs to be a clear understanding that you are in a monogamous, committed relationship. You also have to allow him the same access to your home.

4. If you never hear his phone ring or make a single noise, he might be cheating. The reason his phone is on silence is because he may receive phone calls from other women and it is highly suspect if he does not pick up the phone if it is ringing or sounding off excessively.

5. If he actively maintains his accounts on other dating sites, he might be cheating. Social Media is a part of us all, but dating sites are made for Dating/ SEX BUDDIES! Most dating sites are hook-up gold mines.

6. If he is not willing claim you as his girlfriend, it might be a sign that he is cheating. When people are in love, and want their relationship to flourish, they will allow the world to know they’re a committed couple.

7. If he does not bring you around his friends, he might be cheating.  This says a lot about how he feels about you. It is also a sign that he does not want the people close to him to know about you because he could be dating someone else. His friends may judge and not approve of his behavior. Not likely because they are wild guys too!

8. If condoms are missing out of your sex drawer…. Well no need to explain that. Stop crying… Please, this is to help!

9. If he does not want to let you meet his family, he might be cheating. This is a very big “NO GO” if you have been dating for some time. Either he is cheating or he is about to break up with you.

10. If he consistently blames you for cheating. Most people will blame you for acts that they are committing because they know it is possible for them to do, so you must be doing it too.

Again, I want to stress the importance of making sure you are in a monogamous, committed relationship before you pay attention to any of these signs. And remember, just because he shows one or two of these signs does not guarantee he is cheating so ask before you condemn him, he might just be a Dumbass. Not every guy cheats Ladies. Sometimes it takes time to meet the friends and family so don’t stress. But ensure that you are showing the same respect to him that you want to receive.

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Causes of dating problems

Causes of dating problems

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Do you ever wonder why you are alone, single and have tons of dating problems? Do you really ever focus on why men are just not that into you? I am very big fan on self-realization and helping yourself first.  If you find yourself single and most of the men around you just want to have sex or be friends then you have huge dating problems! The dating problems that you are facing really depends on whether you see yourself having the much debated daddy issues, the common low self esteem scenario or the “all men are dawgs” mentality. These are the common dating problems you create when it comes to why you will ultimately remain single or have random subpar sexual partners from men you meet on free dating sites. For clarification all of these issues reside around being too proud to grow up point blank! Let’s explore this issue of dating problems further shall we!


Now how much sense does this scenario make? You act as if you are Miss Perfect, FL and your sh!t does not stink so you continuously shoot down quality and potential men because he is an inch too short, he’s not Italian with a Fresh Blow-out, or he lacks the funds to get the S-Class so he drives the E!? Really? You’re single and not willing to compromise? What if… Well this statement I am about to say is very close to reality as I can get so prepare your ears ladies… What if he dismisses you based on your ugly attitude towards every man that cross’s your path, your unrealistic core values your other single friends push on you, your corrupted morals or those dreaded 10 pounds you can’t seem to drop although you have been “Working out for 3 years”.


Are you the woman I am describing? Do you suffer with these common dating problems? Does your Mr. Right really need to drive a $100,000 Mercedes in order to get your attention? Well if you think he does, you better drive one too ladies! That’s what most men of today are thinking. Forward thinking men want forward thinking women! Not women who will be orange in ten years due to tanning beds or women who have unrealistic views on why taking vodka shots at their local watering hole until they black out is appropriate.


Most women will never get the chance to marry the ball player, wealthy business man, or Mr. Date Coach. (Shameless plug) With all of this said I am not saying settle for less ladies. Have your list of what you want from men but understand that “list” could be your down fall and have you alone or settling at age 46 for a 23 year college hunk looking for a MILF after a few smooth shots of Wild Turkey! But understand you are perfect to your parents but not to the rest of the world, sorry. Open your eyes and willingness to compromise and stop creating your own dating problems.

Let’s just get real Ladies!

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Why your boyfriend is not having sex with you?

Why does my boyfriend not have sex with me? A professional dating coach explains

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As a professional dating coach I speak to a lot of women who ask me why their mate is not sexing them like in the beginning of their relationship? So I created a list of why men may not be saddling up to make sweet love to you!

1. He is bored of you. Every relationship starts as either a “Super High” with lots of random, passionate and crazy sex or some relationships build up to the crazy sex. Either way typically depending on your relationship you may reach a plateau of less or expected typical boring sex. When you get to this point it is vital you switch things up in the bedroom.

2. He may be cheating. Usually if a man is turning your sex down he may be getting it elsewhere for various reasons. As a professional dating coach I typically tell my clients to communicate their issues with him cheating and if things don’t change just break up with him at that point.

3. He may have a medical condition such as Erectile Dysfunction or Low Testosterone. If your partner seems to always have trouble sexually or he does not have the drive to have sex he may want to seek a doctors help. Be very careful when explaining and suggesting this to him because this is a very sensitive issue with Men in general.

4. He masturbates too much. Men who constantly masturbate uses up all the energy it takes to make it happen in the bedroom. Either he loves the Porn or he wants to live out his fantasies. So… if you want to spice things up ask him how you can help make his dreams come true. You might be surprise how he turns your sex life upside down.

These are just a few signs of why he may not be sexing you. But as I always stress please communicate with your partner no matter what you’re experiencing in your relationship.

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10 Signs that your boyfriend is a loser!

Signs your boyfriend is a loser, exlained by a dating coach and matchmaker.

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If you apparently know you have a loser boyfriend you are the only one that suffers and looks foolish at the end of the day by continuing to date him. With that being said what if you do not know you have a loser boyfriend!?

Believe it or not most people know they can do better in terms of finding a better life partner. But most women are scared to be alone. That statement I am sure does not come as much of a surprise. Most of my clients are willing to go from man to man just to ensure they are not sleeping alone at night.

When I inform my clients they are insecure and should live with out a man until they find a suitable one that has many attributes they want from a partner, I usually get the question of “well what’s not suitable”. Every woman has a list and every woman understands what she wants but I am here to tell you what you don’t want and 10 signs that your boyfriend is a loser!

1. He does not have a stable or steady job/ career due to lack of educational planning? So if he still feels his rap career is about to take off and he does not have a demo yet, tell him to start the job hunt for a new career. How can you put your trust in the hands of a man who is not realistic about how he plans to take care of himself?

2. Do you leave home and he’s there and when you return he is still there to notify you that he “heard” about some job openings and he knows what you should cook for dinner? This is a bad situation because he has a lack of drive or a lack of self motivation which is crucial in any relationship in order for you grow.

3. Any type of physical abuse is a very clear sign he is a loser. The lack of his concern for your physical and mental health is a very dangerous sign of a person who should seek help.

4. Does he not actively try to be in his children’s life from a previous girlfriend or ex-wife? Let’s just say when you have a baby you should know what to expect.

5. If he does not have any measurable goals, dreams or aspirations of wanting more in life. This goes back to the concept of if he does not want more for himself why would he want more for you.

6. Is he extremely negative about your personal success? Does he try to make you feel bad about you striving toward your goals? How can you see yourself growing if you have a person that claims they love you by holding you back?

7. Does he not open the door, walk on the outside of the street, or volunteer to make your life a little easier? Chivalry is not dead even towards the independent women.

8. Is he not concerned about his personal hygiene such as not cutting his hair, trimming his nails and or having a clean house? This can be easily fixed with some positive reinforcement. (That blog is coming soon, “How to make him clean up after himself”.)

9. Can he not be sympathetic to your needs and wants? If he does not show any type of empathy about your difficult life events he will have a hard time showing that to your family and friends.

10. If he can not survive on his own and heavily relies on his family or your support you may be in for a man that is unfortunately still a boy!

These are some major signs of a loser boyfriend. I usually always say with all of my advice these may not be clear indications of whatever the topic is but if he shows any of these signs you can guarantee that he is a loser.

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What the hell is a Dating Coach?

What is a dating coach and do I need a date coach?

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What is a Dating Coach?

What in the hell is a dating coach? I have been asked many times what a dating coach is and does my date coaching consultation service really work?

The quick response is I enhance people’s dating skills, and yes my services absolutely work for people who are ready to make a positive change in their love life. Now with that being said, I have spoken to many people who have no real desire to have a healthy relationship whether they are ready to admit it or not. As with any major lifestyle change (eating right, exercising, etc.) that will enhance your life, it takes hard work, dedication, and the individual must be emotionally and mentally ready to make that commitment, 100%.

Many potential clients want a magic pill or the magic answer that will give them the results they are looking for in their love life. I like to compare my services to a physical trainer. Most people don’t reasonably expect to lose tons of weight and tone up in a day so why would you expect to turn your love life around in a day? Natural and unnatural created habits or behaviors are hard to break in a month not to mention a day. So as a professional dating coach I help people recognize a more realistic view of where their love life is and where it is headed.

A major component of my 1:1 dating coach seminars is confidence building! Over half of my sessions focuses on confidence building and helping my clients build value in themselves. I am not a pick up artist nor do I sell you a dream. I use proven confidence building and behavior skill coaching with each one of my clients.

My clients typically start to see results in the first couple of days after my date coaching consultations start. On average, I see my clients for 2 or 3 months depending on how intense our sessions are and their drive.

Things to consider when hiring a date coach:

1. Are you ready to open up to a complete stranger with personal information about your past dating and relationship experiences?

2. Are you willing to be honest with yourself about your past relationship experiences and why they potentially did not work out?

3. Are you willing to be open to constructive criticisms and understand that it is for the greater good i.e. potentially lead you to a happier and healthier relationship (and self in general)?

4. Are you willing to make time to actively participate in date coaching sessions?

5. Are you financially prepared to investing date coaching services?

Take these items into consideration before you choose a dating coach! As a professional dating coach I hope I was able to shed some light on my services and the industry I consult in.

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