10 Things women want to hear

10 things women want to hear by Mr. Date Coach

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10 things women want to hear

What things do women really want to hear from men? I always get asked this question. I find this to be a great question because most women want to hear pretty much the same thing, honesty at all time and anything that directly relates to them. Duh Sam Lee!  Well I have actually created a list of 10 things women want to hear from men. Whether you are approaching a woman for the first very time or you are trying to get your girlfriend to open up more in your relationship, they all love to hear the following:

1. Honesty. The truth shall set you free! Not only is that a cliché line from criminal TV show interrogators but it is also key to what women want to hear. Enough said!

2. Never tell them what they want to hear! But… but… I know what you’re thinking… Never tell women what they want to hear? Of course not, you suck up! Many women can smell game, cowardly fear and a man that is not confident from the jump of any approach. I have yet to approach a woman, date or even attempted to break up with a woman saying everything she wants to hear. Most women love a man who is confident and willing to take a huge risk in order to sway her heart and unveil the mysteries of her sexual appetite! You have to be willing to tell her in a very flirty kind of way she would be much more attractive with her natural brunette hair color versus the cliché stripper blonde. Most often, the truth will set you free and cause her to react in ways that you may never image. Women love hearing what they do not really want to! It shows you have balls and you will always be honest no matter the cause.

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3. Loving more than her “Ass” and “Boobs”. By telling her “I am in love with your eyes… smile… the way you walk… or the way she can take the attention away from anyone in the room shows that you pay attention to details. Women are typically more detailed oriented. At times I have seen women pace a room, change their hair styles or even drop a joke to get a man to notice the small great things about them. Details, Details, Details! Focus and compliment a woman on the details that most men will often miss or pass up!

4. I got it! With the advent of metrosexuals, career losers and men who still live with their mothers there is a lack of strong men who say “Babe, I got it!”  This is the damsel in distress call to action statement. Women want to hear and know you got it before all else fails! As a man you must step up to the call of duty to make things happen. Love is for the strong not the weak. Show a woman you can handle repairing her flat tire, grab the tab at dinner, or even scoop her up when a situation is a bit unsafe.

5. “Show me what you got.” As most women know in 2014, they can do things too. Being the alpha male 24/7 can be a bit overwhelming at times and leave her sneaking out on you for some beta male relief. There are times where being the alpha male is great, needed and most often appropriate. But, since women like to show their muscles, flex their new sexual trick she learned in a random book her girl friend gave her and pay for the vodka shot at the bar after she closed the big account, you have to let her flex! By allowing her to flex she feels free and lets her be who she wants to be. After all, you never know, she may show you a thing or two.

6. You do it better than anybody. By telling a woman she can perform, cook or do whatever better than anyone shows her you’re making an effort to let her know she is the “ISH”. Men, we love a great compliment or positive comment after we prepare a great dinner, close on a business deal or perform a great “LAY”, so we need to boast a woman’s heads up as well.  If you give her some positive reinforcement to something she did well it will allow her to feel the confidence she deserves and will also make her want to start looking towards you for that positive reinforcement in everything she does.

7. NO. As children we’re often told no because we are doing something we most likely should not be doing although typically we try to do it anyway no matter the consequences. I said that to say this, it is okay to tell a woman NO. By saying no you show her you have restraint and you’re willing to exercise it at will. It also shows her you are not a push over and you will stand up for what you want and believe. Women find the word NO sexy, what can I say…

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8. This is how I feel. Okay, I tend to stay completely away from warm and fuzzy comments like this but… Women love to hear “This is how I feel…”  By telling her this you’re opening her up emotionally and showing you are willing to FEEL rather than to think.

9. I want you to meet my friends. Telling a woman this shows that you want to get her accepted by the people closest to you. The fact that most guys keep women hidden from everyone except their couch from college, 10 year old mattress and strange 27 year old dog named Jonny V this is a great sign that you want a little more. Of course like any of these great tips use this one in particular with extreme caution because she may only want to be YOUR booty call… What, it’s happen to me.

10. Amanda, Heather, Sarah. Say her NAME!!! Women want to hear you say their name. Babe, Hunny, sweetheart, Love, Sexy, Big Ol Butt and baby are great words to use once she knows she is the only one! But in the beginning of any conversation or relationship use her name. Women are sneaky creatures that pay attention to things we men take for granted…. For example, if you have a girlfriend what is her middle name? Don’t worry I’ll wait! Plus using words like babe and baby are corny and a bit annoying in the beginning.

I had to shed the light on the 10 Things women want to hear. Good luck guys!

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10 ways to improve your online dating profile

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Does your online profile say I just want to attract a sexual deviate or I am serious about dating? Both men and women have many ideas about what makes their online dating profile stand out from the rest. You have to understand that having an online dating profile is like applying for that great career and your profile is your online resume. So as a professional dating coach in Tampa, Orlando, and Central Florida I have created 10 ways to improve your online dating profile for Match, Eharmony, Plenty of Fish and other dating sites so you can find the love of your life.

  1. Have current and clear profile pictures. People want to be sure of who they may potentially connect with. This means no camera shots high in the sky, in a bath room mirror, in a dark room behind your computer screen at 3:49AM or in your car with your kid’s car seat in the back.
  2. Never include your friends or other random people in your profile pictures. This goes back to people never want to be attracted to your friend and then they find out it is you.
  3. Tease the eye not the crotch. You can show a little skin but never be naked, half naked or covering a naked part… Classy not trashy.
  4. Never include your past baggage in your profile description. If you’re looking for a new serious relationship never turn people off by saying what other people have done to you in your past. Start fresh!
  5. Be positive about life! Positive people love other positive people! If your start a new relationship you have to start on a good foot!
  6. Use correct grammar and punctuations. Using correct grammar will instantly give you more contacts. It shows your potential mates that you care about how others perceive you and you don’t write like a 13 year old.
  7. Keep it Simple Stupid. Never be to detailed and long winded in your “About Me” section of your profile! Research has shown that men and even women only look at your picture and the title of your profile. This also means do not put “if you read this then put _____ in your subject line in the message you send me” in your profile description.
  8. Do not share your major life plans! In your dating profile be light and fun! Never write about when you expect to get married, how many kids you want or that you’re thinking about going back to school!
  9. Be truthful! This should be obvious but people tend to create a person that they think people want. “Cat-fishing” The reason you want to always be honest and truthful is because you never want to start your relationship with a lie or being deceitful!
  10. Flirt with your words Sex appeal can go a long way in person and this is just as true in texting and your profile! Show a sexy and mysterious side to draw your future mate in and then make them work for the goodies! In your profile use phrases like “Maybe if you’re lucky you will find out what really drives me” or “Show me your true side and it might get me to show you mine”. You can use these phrases as a profile heading or a title as well!

After you apply these simple and easy changes watch the phone numbers and perfect matches start rolling in! Although I would love to guarantee you will find the love of your life that depends on how you interact with your new mate once you initiate contact! But as always I am here for you because I am your professional dating coach.

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