Dating Coach and Matchmaker

Hello World, my name is Samuel Lee. I am a professional dating coach and matchmaker! As I am sure you are wondering and many people have asked me, how did I become a dating coach and matchmaker?

If you asked around, you would find that most people would say I am an extremely outgoing person and have little difficulty meeting new people.  This is also after many years of putting myself in every situation possible to meet, date and network with others. Now over the years, many of my friends and family who have had difficulty with this particular skill of meeting people (which subsequently affected their love life) have come to me for guidance. By following my professional date coaching advice, they were able to overcome these issues and I came to realize I had a talent that could help people better their love life!

I decided at that moment I wanted to pursue this ability professionally by developing my skill through experience and formal behavioral education. After investing many years into studying behaviors through college, extensive studies into the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, and working closely with nationally board certified behavior experts, I am now considered one of the leading dating experts and matchmakers.

My vision for my date coaching clients

I am one of the few professional dating coaches that have proven results because I focus on “You” the client. I also teach you behaviors that are key to both your personal dating success and as well as your potential mates.

Lets say you want to approach someone having coffee beside you at a coffee shop or on the same isle as you in a grocery store, will you leave it up to faith and hope they speak first? That is where Mr. Date Coach comes in the picture! My 1:1 seminars focuses on you and helps build your skills in the art of dating! The reason for this is because YOU are the key having a successful love life.

I will never say you can’t find love without my date coaching, but if are you are tired of spending Friday nights at the movies alone, let’s partner together and turn your love life around!

To sign up for a free consultation please contact Mr. Date Coach. And Remember… I am your Mr. Date Coach!